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Hello dear friends of Pedigree Cats !

May we introduce ourselves ? We are RagaMuffins - our names are Mrs. Big Bear Kali and Mr. Encore Cats Dickens. Our human, Iris, is a big cat-fan. Since 1999 she has got a most beautiful Ragdoll pet girl, Carpe Diem Elegant Elektra. Elektra is a Seal-Colourpoint with deepblue eyes and an unique character (for example she loves firework display!) In 2000 a big Ragdoll teddybear male joined us. He is a Blue Colourpoint and named Emmerson von Katz und Co, a most loveable, cuddly pet with wonderful fur.
Well - Iris could have been more then happy and content with the both of us, don't you think ? No ! Iris is wild about Calicos. But - on the other hand - she was very drawn to the Ragdolls, the temperament, the beautiful, easy -to- care- for coat, that we are happy to stay indoors, our good health and cleanliness, that we did not have any problems to get used to other pets - cats or dogs?.You know, she did not really want another breed. Jokingly she always said: "I would love to have a tricoloured Ragdoll". Yes, of course, there are now new colours in the Ragdoll-breed - but somehow the Tortiepoint did not convince her. And a Solid Ragdoll ? Did not seem right, the Ragdoll should be and stay a blue-eyed Point.
Where is the cat of my dreams ? Does she exist ?
Then she found the RagaMuffins ! And did read eagerly everything regarding this breed. Soon there was a lively communication going on with the American RagaMuffin-breeders. They have been really particularly friendly and helpful. After a long search and a seemingly endless waiting-period SHE was found ! A stunning Calico RagaMuffin - the colours, just like in Iris' dream, with big red, black and white marks and beautiful jade-green eyes.
While searching for her Dreamcat, in Florida she found the male "Dickens" - Seal Bicolour pure breed RagaMuffin. Dickens would win every contest with the motto: "Who is the most lovable male ?". One simply cannot resist his charms.

In the meantime in August 2000, during the meeting in Sioux Falls, South Dakota ACFA recognised the RagaMuffins for Championship Status in all patterns, colours, Solids and Points, starting with May 2001 !
So it happened, that Kali the Calico and me, Dick, came to Austria as breeding-quality cats. Iris' "hubby" had agreed to Kali and did not really want a second Muffin? But when I arrived I became instantly his favourite cat ! Like Iris told you before, one simply cannot resist me?

With our "cousins", the Ragdolls we have much fun. We have not been used to dogs in America, but we really got to like them. If you want to know more about us, then have a look on our HP every now and then.
We are looking forward to our first offspring and are very excited
Best greetings to all of you,

Big Bear Californian Kali and Encore Cats Dickens

Iris Preyler-Hamertinger


Peter Preyler